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May 02, 2011


Fallen? This is nothing new. We've been like that for a long time, at least in the Real America(TM).

Oh, it goes a bit further back than that Alan:


Not to mention that people are cheering an extra-judicial execution. Land of the free! Yeah, baby!

Too bad they didn't take him alive so he could be tried in a public court.
Just like Saddam, I would like to have heard his story.
But a walking talking Bin Laden might prove embarrassing.
Probably why Cheney actually congratulated Obama.

I completely agree with this piece. Seeing the cheering crowds disturbed me - OBL was just man, and we made him a monster, a bogeyman. I am glad that he can no longer plot against innocent people, but I won't dance and sing for it.

Xool: Personally, I will grieve for a wasted life. OBL had money and clearly had charisma--he could have done much good instead of much evil. But he chose to waste his life and destroy thousands of others'. What a crying shame.

I'm celebrating for 1 day the fact that this elusive SOB is gone. After today is over, I'll move on. I understand the arguments on all sides for and against flag-waving and fist-pumping. This, for me, is a cathartic moment. But that's all it will be---a moment.

Most Americans, myself included, are children. And like children, they excel at self-pity, watch-me-ism and gloating. What little footage of the celebrating crowds that I could stomach easily prove my assertions.

Just how difficult would it be to immigrate to Northern Europe? Because I am convinced that part of the world might be the best place to be as things get increasingly more crazed worldwide.

Weird to celebrate the demise of a human being, but in this case I'll make an exception. But, like BiPM, then you move on.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that isn't celebrating. Besides bringing the wrath of extremists, I feel it's in really poor taste to "celebrate" anyone's death.

Exactly my sentiments.

There's another dimension to this that I haven't seen mentioned. It is just another step toward the ultimate convergence of sports and politics in this country. ESPN has had the death of Bin Laden as its top "headline" for most of the last day, and people on the radio keep talking about how the "home team" won. And the cheering crowds, from a distance, look like nothing more than a hometown celebration of a sports championship.

Except, of course, it is not, and mixing up these two categories is bad for everyone involved. If you think it is a competition between two teams, and that there's a ninth inning, and that you want to play it because it is a game... ultimately you'll end up just as unlucky as all the civilians who are always the first victims of this category error.

i think if they could have gotten him alive, they would have. cause they coulda just bombed his ass. cause a little cage woulda been nice. and would remind knuckle heads nov, 2012.

It's a bullshit CIA psy-op to keep up our wars for oil:

For more information on the Osama Bin Laden legend read James Corbett's "Osama Bin Laden Pronounced Dead… For the Ninth Time" and watch Alex Jones's commentary on his death.

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