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July 11, 2011


Good on Hugh. Cripes, he got hacked, too? EFF Murdoch and his Minions for consciously destroying/harming lives for the sake of power and 'the story'.

>I'd love to know how much Murdoch has on our politicians.

yes, well that would explain a lot about our discourse the last decade or so, would it not?

Jebus, we don't get that level of articulate eloquence from our politicians, let alone our actors....

Gummo, check out Steve Coogan on the scandal. Fucking brilliant.

Looking back, I have always wondered why bush never had a cell phone or email....well could it be he was afraid of Murdoch?

"That's a dandy reputation ya got there, guv'nah. It'd be a terrible shame if anything BAD happened to it, eh, mate?" -- NOTW "reporter"

Looks like Murdoch was taking a page from J. Edgar Hoovers playbook.

Then again, there are rumours that the "warrentless wiretapping" was a higher tech and more up=to-date version of Hoovers plan carried out by Cheney.

This really doesn't surprise me. I'm again disappointed with how little coverage of this there is in the mainstream press and mostly disappointed in how willfully ignorant most Americans are.

And that is the crux of the problem. If willful ignorance wasn't considered an esteemed virtue, then Fox News would never survive, much less Murdoch and his empire of sleaze. Sleazeballs don't care about virtue, ethics or anything, just the dollar and whatever maximizes that dollar. He's a psychopath.

What isn't gone into or investigated is what this behavior implies is going on within our own borders and most importantly -- to politicians and their lobbyists. I am certain that there is a corporate shroud around all of Washington and that Murdoch knows and supports all the players.

Misogynists, yes. Racists, yes. Xenophobic, yes. Because that sells papers and god-damnit that's all he cares about. He's no journalist, he's a psychopath, all his no matter what the cost.

Maybe "Love, Actually" is prescient.

Sound in the video is dodgy.

Jerri, "Game Boy" was Bush's level of competence. His scheduler during his governor days had to make time for Bush to play. The man knew his limitations, at least some of the time.

Paging 007 . . .

keep digging.

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