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July 11, 2011


Don't you just love watching ballet?

Post title: BWAH!

get music. how did they get the kitten to follow it so well?

best use of modern classical -- horror and suspense.

Catnip Madness!?!

Poor kitteh. She must have seen "Yellow Submarine" and mistook it for a documentary... (Green apples were the preferred weapons of the Blue Meanies' Bonkers.)

I feel the same about green apples...LOL! Cuteness!

cool music

Kitties were put on this earth for one purpose, to make this mismanaged orb we dwell upon, a better place, to provide their keepers(STAFF), (hey that means us,) tons of cool
pictures to use as as screen savers and of course insane routines, for our entertainment, on Dep. Ren. and ICANHASCHEESEBURGER. As far as the music goes, I am more of a Coltrane/Buck Owens/Joe Maphis/ kinda guy, so all of that heavy handed overpowering "modern classical" is kinda lost with me. Light piano jazz might of worked better. We all know who the real stars of that show are, a kitty and some choreographed apples.

Have a fabulous cat loving day !


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