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August 01, 2011


The first car the tanker hits is Obama's reelection odds.

Obama only caves on days that end with "Y"

I voted for Obama because of his intelligence. Never thought to check for a spine.

Obama did not cave, he SOLD OUT. And in return he got all those Centrist Independent voters who stood in bed last November. Now that he has a mortal lock on this chimerical voting bloc his reelection is guaranteed. Bleeh!

yeah, he fucking sold us out from the start.

Periodically, I do a marathon of Adam Curtis documentaries, and was watching, again, his "Century of the Self" series a few weeks ago. In that, he emphasizes that both Blair and Clinton intensively used polls and focus groups of swing voters in their first terms and to gain reelection, and that government policies were tailored to that narrow segment of voters. During Blair's first term, that polling indicated that the swing voters were more interested in no tax increases than in improving, for example, rail services, so Blair's government pushed for increased privatization of government rail assets. Once reelected, the polling of swing voters indicated their truly fickle nature--when rail service had degraded and the number of rail accidents increased (because Blair's government had made their desires policy), the swing voters were annoyed, because their lives had been affected by the cuts in service.

Obama is doing exactly the same thing (which was not unexpected, given the number of former Clinton advisors with which he'd surrounded himself), and I suspect this latest so-called cave-in by Obama was intended to appease only swing voters.

That's no way to run a government, as both Clinton and Blair discovered. Both set in motion policies that would contribute to the implosion of their respective economies. They gained reelection at the expense of useful policy and economic stability, and set the stage for the return of conservatism to governance.

Obama may get his reelection, barely, but this Faustian bargain with the most fickle and least-informed segment of the voting public is no way to run a country--especially a country already in trouble in more ways than just its economic woes.

The caving dems are lead by their cavebear!
Caving or selling out the net result is the same!

Heh, queek, I think you're on to something: Clan of the Cave Bear!

on the whole i was SHOCKED the publikkklans got so little.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the "Independent" voter should be more accurately named the "Idiot" voter. Must you be so easily swayed? Feh.

Come on, folks! The Dems are plenty shrewd and tough, that's how they got into the positions they're in. This crap happens because they want it to.

Face it. Your boyfriend's just not that into you. Time to find someone new.

Giffords showed up to vote for this piece of shit? Then shame on her. Of course, she has great medical insurance so she probably sees these things differently than the people that she screwed over when she lent her name to this.

the gnews are hand in hand w/ the destructors.

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