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August 13, 2011


Is that fried butter she's chowing down on? She won't be able to crawl out to the parking lot...

Have you seen the follow-up pic? http://timnapalmblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/ohhhh-this-is-too-good-part-2.html

Deep fried Constitution...on a steeeeeeeeeeck!

That's more of a raw doggin' than Marcus has ever given her.

I'll be here all week! Try the veal!



how did they get sewage to stay on a stick?

Oh Elspeth, that pic is priceless.... in that it's a combination of (don your best George Takei voice) "Oooooh my!" and "Ewwwww"

here's a clickable linky, too good to pass by...

She's going to Disneyland.

I like the way she had to have the guy in the lower left hold onto her "crazy eyes" while she... ummm... ate. At least in this pic, she looks like any other crack whore, rather than the crazed lunatic she really is.

i thought she never left disneyland.

The best part? After she took the bite, she held it up to her husband's mouth. With cameras clicking. Submissive? My left foot! She gave him no choice as she put him in his place.

That cringing face he is offering, says "not in public, please, please, don't 'out' me".

he knew where it was before it was put on the stick.and that is the real color....

Caption: Dreaming of John Boehner

Auntie Mishie learned her corndog in the piehole technique from "Dr." Marcus, right? RIGHT?

I nominate this photo for the cover of the 2013 Inaugural Day Program no matter who the swearee is.

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