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August 06, 2011


didn't jesus say something about being showy about 'religion'?

My state says Fuck You.

In California, people pray in whatever religion and/or language and/or political belief they damn well whim, JUST LIKE IT SAYS IN OUR COUNTRY'S FIRST AMENDMENT.

Don't mess with Texas? FUCK TEXAS!

My state is going to raise TAXES!

Then force churches to display giant dildos on their alters. You know to counter the giant dildos that are already up there.

Gee it's lightning all of a sudden . . .

Well, my state sure as hell isn't going to piss away a day pretending to be righteous and shit. And we certainly won't be trying to piss off every other world religion that doesn't meet the southern baptist criteria for who will/won't go to hell because some dickhead Republican governor has a hard on for the presidency.

Thank Gawd I escaped the evangelical bullshit when I was 19... uh, 43 years ago.

Last i looked, mythology has very little to do with the weather but climate change science which actually models and predicts this same pattern of drought continuing for a while (and has been true) THEY DON'T BELIEVE!

i don't wish drought on anyone, but it is ironic.

Perry's day of prayer for rain in April worked like a charm, except for all the withered cornfields I saw driving to Houston in June.

Our governor is more than likely eating a ham sammich in our his NJ State Trooper helicopter!

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