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November 04, 2011


They'd love to occupy a job, I'm sure. If there were any.

pompous paid-for politician prostitute

I get the distinct impression that even this audience sees just how off-base Noun Verb 9/11 really is.

There are no real laughs after the first one. And he flogs the Woodstock pinata to death...with no pay-off.


Yo, Rudy. Yeah, I'd love to occupy a job. Too bad your ilk think someone who's over 50 and long-term underemployed isn't fit to get back to regular work. Hey, Yeronner, by the way... What are YOU doing for a living these days, huh? Oh, yeah, the same BUllSHit Brother Cain is pulling: "motivational speaker." I once vaguely respected Mr. "9-11," the esteemed "Mayor of America." Now? For some years back? FUHGEDDABOWDIT.

Rudy! probably deserves to spend eternity sucking Satan's cock, but, I'm afraid that he wouldn't see that as punishment, but, rather, as upward mobility.

rudy "nosferatu" giuliani, continually profiting off of 911 to this very day. a tragedy made to order for a talentless asshat to turn into a meal ticket.

but the serfs at OWS should take minimum wage jobs. who cares if they have college loans to pay off.

Get a job sir!

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