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December 14, 2011


I don't know what's funny about Gregory flipping the bird on national tv to the extent that the anchors on the other show that featured it have to be giggling in the background.

These people make up two categories -- either they are members of the 1% and thus see the world through their eyes and see the rest of us as serfs, or they want to be the 1% so they get as close to them and emulate them as much as possible.

Either way, its disgusting and really, isn't there more meaningful content that they can report on besides each other's childish gestures? Like showing it makes us feel inside the joke? NOT.

Right back atcha, Chuck.

Is there even a remote possibility the Bird was aimed at Harold Ford??

Because I'm prepared to forgive Toddler if that's the case.

are indentured slaves allowed?

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