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December 12, 2011


This is why I stopped putting up mistletoe.

at least the little vampire on the lower left is into the whole "bizarro" aspect of this unsettling picture.

5 years to attend law school? Made partner at a law firm in his 4th year at law school? Specialized in medical malpractice? Cancelled a concert in his city because a member of the band said bad things about him? This my friends is a man's man.

That does not enlighten my dreams, it gives me nightmares.

O boy Ebon, can i come and worship him too?

Which one is his wife???

"Fuckin' illegals coming into our country and killin' our animals!"

...Kare, the one who's not his mistress.

good luck kid.

Is it alive?

Nope, Chuck Testa.

I find the little girl with too much lipstick disturbing, how she has that come hither, over the shoulder look while her arm is draped over the dead leopard.


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