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January 03, 2012


In the unpublished pictures that follow, Newt strangles the snake with his bare hands and wrings out all the oil.

Oh, jaysus, on another blog, in an attempt to describe the deeply insane character of Iowa Republican Caucus members, I asked, "have they incorporated snakehandling into the balloting yet?"

Fuck me, I guess they have (just no pit vipers for the candidates).

montag, the candidates ARE the pit vipers.

The snakes don't miss him.

I swear I believe that snake recognizes him and would wrap himself around his neck and choke him if he got the chance, look how Gingrich is holding him back and the snake is looking straight up where he wants to go i.e., around his neck.

AWWW. Newticles and Callista sure do look randy.

Must be the sight of a doughboy in uniform.

i guess all the cuddly animals at the petting zoo recoiled at newt.

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