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February 10, 2012


Like Perfesser Gingrich would know about unemployment BENEFITS or happiness (other than the carnal knowledge kind)?

i only wish him the nomination to see him go down with an obama landaslide.

Newticles has been in the business of saying outrageous nonsensical things since he was in diapers, I suspect.

And, in doing so, he's always captured the imaginations of stupid people who think that's how intelligent people talk. Now is no exception. (As proof, look at just how many dimwitted TV pundits still describe him as an intellectual, or as an "ideas man." Always consider the source.)

He'll be allowed to do this sort of thing until push comes to shove, and the elites and power brokers get together and dump him--yet again--because they know that he has all the popularity with the public of gonorrhea. He's an opening act, there to get the yokels stirred up and ready for the main event. When the automaton is finally programmed not to openly shit on the hoi polloi and it's ready for prime time, the trap door will open up under Newticles, and he'll be gone for another four years, although his hollers may still be faintly heard as he sails down the chute.

do we have to take them seriously?

"..old David Gergen talking about fertility when there is not a Michael Phelps in what remains of his tadpoles." Made me embarrassed for him, I thought that was hilarious.

Excellent analysis montie.

I can only conclude that most men are absolutely fascinated with women's ability to create life and thus while they cannot have a uterus, they can do the next best thing -- stick their hands and their heads up there everytime they get a chance and guide and steer that blessed organ, with little concern that there is a person attached to it.

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