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February 20, 2012


Boy. Just when you think he's hit the limit on batshit crazy.

What the...? Hard to imagine he's that stupid. Weird, yes.

Bizarro World was kind of interesting for a while, but I'm ready to go home now....

Yeah, by now I'm getting a little bored with the Daily Loonie Proclamation....

"...and all the while getting brainwashed into a soul sucking, IQ suppressing death cult." Frothy forgot to add.

Yeah, but those kids can't run a pick and roll for beans.
And go to their left? Forget it.

Stupid, ignorant, deranged, nuts....he is all of that and more. Probably should be locked up before he hurts somebody.

Ironically, he speaks the truth .... about poor kids whose parents can't afford professional daycare and are thus corralled by "in-home" caretakers who will cram as many attention-starved children they can into their crappy apartment in front of a television.

Its a cottage industry that's been booming for years, thanks to those Republican champions of equal opportunity.

I think Capt Bat said the whole thing.
You get nobody else's culture if you don't leave the house.

I keep wondering how someone this thickheaded could have gotten through law school.

I can accept that the world is full of C-minus students, but why are so many of them Repugs, and why do they all want to run for President?

I don't think you've got to really know very many lawyers or understand what our law schools produce, with all due respect, but the rest of it I agree with.

I know it's really easy to paint with a broad brush on the homeschooling issue, but that doesn't make such stereotypes true.

My wife and I homeschool our four children and are staunch liberals. They DO NOT stay home all the time. In fact, they're out of the house as much as they're home. They are in art groups, sports, have play dates at friends' houses, go to museums and other out of the house activities.

As much as I hate to agree with Frothy for any reason, I need to do so on this occasion. The culture in schools is not healthy. How much bullying takes place on a daily basis? Even this site has bemoaned the changing cultures of schools and how administrations and teachers do not do enough in the face of it. Look at the inclusion of unhealthy food in cafeterias (in the name of cheaper budget lines) that actually help to cause our children to be overweight.

Our children have attended protests in support of library funding, workers' rights and free speech. A homeschooling group we're involved with have taken food to the Occupy Rochester movement to support their efforts.

When you mention brainwashing, I suppose I'll need to cop to that particular charge. There's really no doubt my children are brainwashed. My best example of such brainwashing is a visit we made to a fellow homeschooling family who was spending a weekend at a museum much like Williamsburg in which the people live in the "times" of the period. While I chatted with the father of the family as he performed his blacksmithing duties, my nine-year-old son and his eleven-year-old son had an in depth discussion about the Iraq war and how W. simply needed to work out his "Daddy issues" on an international scale. I teach at a community college, and the majority of my "traditionally schooled" students could not have offered such depth of analysis or details to back up their perspectives as these two homeschooled students.

And yeah, I know: TL;DR.

Sorry batman, don't buy the all to perfect image. Pack a lunch, teach kids to engage in debate. Parent shows child how to solve problems with school bullies. It' called a "World" not a womb.

Am I off-base....or does the post of Batman1970...personify the image of east-coast elitist so loved by the GOP?

Heh. I love that it's being suggested that I'm a troll. Believe me, I've been around quite a while -- here, Kos, Jesus' General,etc. And I'm not trolling. I TOTALLY admit that I'm living up to all of the stereotypes the GOP has set up about the East-coast elitists (and yes, I own a Prius).

As for Bookboy's assertion that they don't need to deal with bullying while homeschooling, I only wish that were true. My eldest son had some boys try to bully him at swim practice not long ago. He stood up to them and told them he didn't appreciate being treated that way and would not stand for it. No violence. No screaming. He just said it and then left. I honestly can't remember being more proud of him than that moment when he dealt with the situation in a mature and clear manner.

So, not to worry -- they get plenty of chances to debate (something else schools don't really provide. Instead, they focus on the next high-stakes test coming up and cut off debate. If you're not sure whether this is in fact the case, talk to a public school teacher about the effects of No Child Left Behind. I know several, and they've all confirmed this phenomenon. So do my students fresh out of high school.) Not to worry -- our children learn multiple angles on many issues, and are actively engaged in discussions around the dinner table.

By the way, Bookboy, it's "too perfect image," not "to." And trust me -- it's not all that perfect. I've given you a brief glimpse into our lives. Believe me when I say there are plenty of cobwebs in the corners, bits of food on the floor under the table, and marks on the wall. It's not all singing "kumbaya" (or the Star Spangled Banner -- Actually, I was a little dismayed to really discover that my children don't know the national anthem and had only heard the Pledge of Allegiance once!). We have our issues just like every other family. It's just that we've made the choice to handle those issues a little differently. I thought the entire point of the freedoms we're supposed to have in this country is to express those differences without necessarily being judged and found wanting -- particularly by people with whom I typically find myself agreeing.


Batman1970, I was strictly referring to Christian fundamentalist home schooling, I'm sorry for the shit storm.

Capt. Bat Guano,

How could I hold a grudge with someone whom I share part of my namesake? Don't worry about it. I was mostly attempting to educate others that there's not just one type of homeschooler. There are MANY conservative types, and they tend to be loud and get the press, but I am honestly amazed at the variety of people and reasons for homeschooling. As soon as you feel like you have us figured out or pegged as a group, I guarantee you a bunch of homeschoolers who are floating under the radar will make themselves known and you'll be surprised again.

I must admit, I have MAJOR problems with homeschoolers who do things like teach creationism beside or even instead of evolution as scientific "fact," but if my family are going to use our freedom to homeschool, where do we draw that line that will allow the freedom while ensuring that the children are properly educated? Tough call. To paraphrase Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, "With great freedom comes great responsibility."

Don't you think that any functioning family is ALWAYS engaged in home schooling, no matter where the kids go to school.
Life itself is a school.
I just think you get more of it when there's lots more kids around.

Actually, Wa Ching, I only WISH functioning families were always engaged in homeschooling. I've been in a pediatrician's home, and he and his wife had no books in the house for their children. There was a LARGE television with every movie you could name and a lot of toys my children loved, but no books to be found.

We all know there are plenty of families in which there might only be one parent who has multiple jobs in order to put food on the table. Those children are getting an education about life, but not necessarily one that will allow them to get ahead all that much.

As for being around a lot of other children -- Did you read the previous posts I made? My children are so involved in activities outside the home that they're surrounded by other children multiple times per week. Some of that contact is wonderful, but other contact not so much. In the end, I think it's far more important that my children learn their values from my wife and me rather than a bunch of children in a room in an institution that isn't going to do a particularly good job of keeping them interested or educating them to do anything other than take tests.

Honestly, if you really think that all homeschoolers are isolationists, you should do some research about what some of us do. Not just the isolationists. Here are some excellent articles. The first is from Slate. It's in response to another article that I couldn't find online, but a rebuttal article may be found here from the author of the article that inspired the Slate piece. The author of the Slate essay wrote her own rebuttal to the first here. Have a look at all of them -- I think they all offer interesting perspectives. I don't agree with them all, but as I said before, I'm a big fan of debate.

Well batman, I hope you all celebrate Black History Month in a grand fashion, with Coltrane upon rising to breakfast and a little Charlie Parker at recess.

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