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February 03, 2012


Here's two clues, Mitt: Middle class people don't tear down their $12 million beachfront house in order to build a bigger one.

Middle class people don't challenge political opponents to a $10,000 bet.

Middle class people pay more than 13.9% in income tax.

Three clues, Mitt. Keep for your records.

In Romney World, the middle class is people earning more than $300,000/year and less than $1 million/year.

No, no.

In Romney World, middle class means any poor benighted soul who can't afford to live off their investments and has to -- gasp! -- actually work for a living.

the only tone Mitt's not deaf to is the sound of clanking coin.

the 49-99%ers. the people who do better than most.

Just bear in mind that there are only 8,000 people in the U.S. who are richer than Mitt.

Or, add up the wealth of the last eight presidents from Nixon to Obama, and then double it -- you are Mitt.

How could you possibly have the slightest inkling of what life is really like for most people? It almost might make me feel sorry for him ... nah.

"... the candidate blamed reporters...."

Almost definitional.

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