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February 16, 2012


From Daily Kos:

8:41 AM PT: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), and Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) walked out of the hearing in protest, and Holmes Norton "told reporters in the hallway outside the hearing that she marched out because it was being conducted like an 'autocratic regime.'"

Let's see these "experts" conceive, carry, and deliver their own children. And I'm a Y chromosome sporter myself. My Mom, well past the age of having any more children, refuses to see a male doctor because she rightfully believes no matter how well educated the guy is, a male doctor will never truly understand a female's inner works.

Suck on that, House GOP, you dorks.

how are we on getting men to incubate?

Tax the church.

If men could conceive, abortion would be a sacrament. And the collection plate would start each mass full of condoms, like a take-a-penny saucer....

I'd like to bitch slap all of the repugnants right now. I'm spitt'in MAD!

This is what the Republican party has reduced itself to after the Bush years - it's pitiful they're so AWFUL. i wish the Democrats would get their collective heads out of their asses and start doing progressive stuff to benefit the entire population (of HUMANS) and stop leaning toward "Republican lite" (like the voters will go for that).

Remember that picture of Bush signing the bill banning necessary late-term abortions? All old white men there, as well.

Umm, all the clerics, with their lawyers behind them.

Why is that in a Congressional hearing room, and not a courtroom?

Darryl Issa (the used car salesman and insurance cheat) was leading this investigation... and refused to allow the few women there to comment. Only one female witness and she was muffed.

How do they dare make rules binding upon us? Bastards all.

Dimebag Darrell is worried the assembled holey men will then have their invisible sky friend smite the Republicans in the hall if he didn't comply with their dicktates.

Hecate, this one:


Why, hey, looky there! Sick Rectorum is standing there, too, by gum. He's serious!

Hauksdottir, while I'm certain the lone female witness was "muffled," we can not say for certain if she was "muffed." Perhaps she is a fan of the full Brazilian.

Onanist oafs offer old offel and outrageous oaths over orgasms.


Shut up all of you women and liberal men who are women! Old Fat White Male Right-Wing Virgins are talking about Vaginas!

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