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February 24, 2012


Fuckwit can't even round 1% properly - 133.54 would be 1.34. I suppose he needs that extra penny.

Something my late father always told me was to be respectful of what people did for a living. As an owner of a trash disposal service (now called "waste management", but he had several trash trucks and picked up peoples' trash, so he was a trash hauler), his employees were uneducated, unsophisticated men who worked very hard for him. Carrying and emptying metal barrels filled with someone else's garbage was not only physically hard work, but also smelly and disgusting. Yet these guys showed up every morning before 5 a.m. (and the dawn) to do their jobs.

That this asshole would demean someone's job/work/career is beyond the pale; obviously, when you make a ton of money, you lose all of your manners, too. Examples like this make me really hope for something awful and disgusting to happen to those assholes who think they are above the rest of us.

I love it if the server told that pompous douchebag that his card was denied.

Restaurants should have a "Do Not Heimlich" section for shitheels like that.

Dude better hope he doesn't come back when the same server is working or he might get a little something extra in the dressing.

"Dude better hope he doesn't come back when the same server is working or he might get a little something extra in the dressing."

This dick was probably a dick during the entire dining experience. Hope he enjoyed the spit on his salad.

More torches and pitchforks, please.

May a swirling fecal cloud of 99 percent wrath descend on this accursed Gooper and his wretched progeny.

Surely a POS like this would brag about his big bad brave squirmish in the class war. Knowing his identity would be a public service.

why is his name blocked? he is not innocent of being a douche, NO, a calonic.

This guy is also an idiot; if all his servers got a 'real job' he'd have to dirty his fingernails getting his own damn food.

Also, I'd like to see this dickwad work in food service. My bet would be that he wouldn't last the through the first lunch rush. Whiner.

I hope the restaurant makes use of the "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" clause the next time he comes by.

Hope he enjoys the Snotchos!

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