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February 22, 2012


they are getting closer to the edge. JUMP JUMP JUMP

"to keep gasoline prices high in an effort to keep Americans driving less and, as a result, reduce carbon dioxide emissions,"

and then, and then! He brought home all the troops and ended all our international war campaigns ...

and then, and then, he disabled all our missles and sent them along with all the guns, tanks and other artillery to the scrap yard

and then, and then, Bethlehem Steel resurrected along with all the steel mills and they melted the tanks and stuff into metal beams and stuff

and then, and then, people were put to work making new schools and universities, brick factories started up, people moved back into the cities

and then and than, then the green lawns of the suburbs were turned into the earth and seeds sown, goats munched and produced milk, sheep grew wool that was spun into luxurious sweaters

and then and then, everyone lived in peace, had a place to live, had enough food to eat, swam in the rivers and lakes that now ran clean

everyone had enough, even though they never had as much as they had before in the old days, they knew there was another value that they had forgotten and now retrieved -- community, family and peace

Oh thank you Ricky for helping me with that, its 8:30 am and I will start today with a sense of hope.

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