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February 03, 2012


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Hope edition? What are you hoping for? Slow lefties?

Let me guess - it's only good for shooting yourself in the foot.

Shoot that fucking tumor Cleetus!

Guns in Roses.

even a stopped Glock is right twice a day.

Well, I guess that's one way to deal with a cancerous boob: just shoot it right off. Yeee-hah!!!

Pink coat hangers in 3...2...1...

A fitting coda for the pink stink....

they may have to go far left to repair this. HA-HA.

"That Handcel, she's a real pistol."

Handel shot Komen in both feet, and then today Komen backed off, reloaded, and took aim at their own knees.

From their POV, this will not end well.

Is this for real? Sad. Sad.

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