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February 16, 2012


Goin' to be gittin' it wrong all month long baby.

Gotta stop hitting head. Desk denting. Not. This. Again... Nap time....

mutherforker is dumber than cat dirt.


Since this seems to be part of P.V. Moore's "Character Counts!" program, I hope the originator owns up to his or her mistake.

The offending school is here: http://www.cssd.org/PaulV.cfm

Please direct your suggestions to the principal.

Did P.V.Moore receive federal grant money for this?

What mistaque?

i can't tell you how many notices, official papers (like contracts), and other written documents i've received over the years from schools and COLLEGES with spelling mistakes, improper word usage (as above illustrates) and twisted or broken grammatical rules in them.

Everyone always claims it's the secretary's fault for not proof-reading, but then the secretary shows that she was transcribing the documents as written (or simply scanning them in and printing them out). No fault stupidity!

Do I need any more proof of why I am an unemployed teacher? It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry...

Pervatize edumacation!

depressed now. no wonder fux gnews has viewers.

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