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February 16, 2012


Is there a way to psychically wish a labor pain or three on this fuckwad? He'd really be screaming for "an aspirin" then. Oy vey!!!

As long as Obamacare doesn't pay for the aspirin!

I'll bet this guy's closet is full of skeletons, and more.

aspirin is more effective than I-be-probin'

This turd is secretly pulling for Romney.

But I do hope Surging Boy wins the nomination just for the shear entertainment value!

"aspirin between the knees" is the prescription for getting the wife beaten up or killed by the same bible thumpin' menfolk who insist the wife isn't allowed to say "no" to his holy humping.

My fire & brimstone screeching parents' only sex talk was for us girls was: "you are sitting on a gold mine"

. . .then they would bash others by loudy saying "that one needs a draw string at the bottom of her nightgown"

sheesh . . sorry for the typo(s)! note to self, don't type & talk to boss on phone at same time.

TMaximus, yes I know that world where sexual abuse, rape don't exist, just trashy bitches who get what they are asking for eventually.

For his kind, a Doc Martin applied to the apex of his legs would be more effective, and satisfying to the rest of us.

I'm glad that "back in his day" is dead and over!

I don't get it. Is he saying that women should just keep their knees together? Then what is he suggesting all the horny men should do?


Since Santorum and his ilk hate and fear homosexuals, those frustrated men can't turn to each other either. Masturbation is prohibited (I don't remember what God did to Onan, but centuries later, men still shudder). I guess they'll need a flock of morale sheep, or perhaps some shepherd can start up an "escort service" for those urban areas.

Actually, they should get married and have sex only for procreation. Lust is a sin, y'know.

how can we convince publikkklan women to live abstinence for the next few decades.

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