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March 29, 2012


"Rick Santorum is from God...."

Well, that explains it. Santorum bothered God as much as he bothers the rest of us, and simply pitched him out.

"...Christians and Catholics..."

Pastor Steve must have skipped the day in seminary when they talked about Catholis being Christians. I suspect he also skipped the days when they talked about the words printed in red in his KJV.

what if it was a super fan red shirt? brown shirt? black?

There are even fashion accessories for the Frothy fans:

from http://www.financialarmageddon.com/2012/03/wrong-polish-on-the-economy.html#comments

"Even men are getting in on the action: Amazon is currently selling a brown hued nail polish made by ManGlaze called “Santorum.” It promises to be “Formulated for ugliness.”

I'm not sure 10 minutes with Callista "sweetens the deal". I'm sure Mitt has better looking sex dolls in his car garage.

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