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March 13, 2012


Oh, that's okay. Heard on NPR this morning two folks from Tennessee saying that Obama was a Mooslim and that he was from Kenya and had a non-American citizen father, therefore he wasn't officially president.

Carry a dead fetus to term? My wife and I faced this exact situation. The Doctors were adamant that a D+C was needed on an emergency basis to save my wife from toximia and death. Not a lot of "choice" involved.We had to push our way into and out of the clinic through an Operation Rescue Mob screaming at my wife that she was "killing your baby". I had to physically remove several of them even after shouting at them that our "baby" was already dead. Found that out from an ultrasound tech at the 5 month check up. My wife asked about heartbeat and he said" why no, your baby's dead". The Gladys Kravitz party isn't helping anyone here. They would have made the death of my wife a forgone conclusion. As it was the added stress led to months of counselling and depression.

I've reached the point where conservative men and women now make me automatically want to throw up. Disgusting ignorance and cruelty is inexcusable. That is all the GOP has.

Sorry you and Mrs. Flint had to endure that.

Someday may these Randall Terry frotagging Operation Rescue terrorists have to walk in the shoes of their judgees.

Yup, ignorance by the butt-load and a stubborn refusal to consider the human cost -- because they don't value themselves, they don't understand you should value yourself.

This is the lexicon of many of the white peasant class today -- "I have no value and am disposable and I've found a way to deal with that without changing anything -- but it requires your complicity in the game."

I'm beginning to see the strategy behind Reagan's emptying out the mental hospitals....

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