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March 05, 2012


about time.


crush Limbaugh.

Today KPUA, Tomorrow Armed Forces Network. There are a lot of hard working women in the services who don't need Pig Boy's misogyny. Pester your congress critter until they do what is right.

I'm surprised there was a market in Hawaii for Rush's racism.

This is a grave I can dance on.

Thank you for dropping Rush! He is a rude person!

Get a grip and grow up! He may have crossed the line but has apologized. He brings a conservative perspective that's hard to come by--especially in our beautiful state-- and after 20+ years of sharing his conservative perspective and supporting conservative candidates-- why can't you show him some grace! Is this how you express the 1st amendment?

Who are you going to put in his place? It will definitely be a poor second choice and listenership will plummet!

Those who've commented before me don't sound like frequent listeners...as their adjectives don't describe Rush's philosophy!

So, SB, did you enjoy the time Rush called 13 year old Chelsea Clinton the "White House Dog?" Was that a proud moment in the conservative movement? How about when he told the black called to "Take the bone out of his nose?"

If you're impressed by Rush's "apology" you've set the pie mighty low.

Rush has profited handsomely over the years with a show based on hatred of women and non-whites. The fact he still has fans is just sad.

SB: "Is this how you express the 1st amendment?"

Nope. The First Amendment is about what government can't do. If a radio station or a sponsor wants to drop Runt Limpdick like a hot rock, that's the Sacred Free Market at work. Tough cheese for you. He's a bastard and he's finally getting a small taste of what he deserves.

Agreed SB! Conservatives want him back on the air!

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