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March 17, 2012


Wowzers, you would swear that they're all fucking the same chicken.

Don't want no white people working at Taco Bell, so why have a Muslim President? - perfectly logical, doncha think?

Fascinating facial hair, dude.

Venezuela? What?

At the end, I expected to hear someone shout, "Live! It's Saturday Night!"
I will have to give this Tennessee boy one thing, though: it had never occurred to me that Mitt Romney is richer than Grover Cleveland. Richer than Grover? Yes, I knew that. Richer than Grover Norquist? Yes, I knew that, too. But richer than Grover Cleveland? I did not know that.

Someone is huffing flatulence under that righteous polyester blanket.

Was that facial hair or bad lighting and shadows? Still creepy.

So young. So many years to be an idiot.

the bible belt is another planet.

Hasn't that boy heard about porn?

If 39% of Tennessee is wid him, who can be agin him?

I'd hit it.

That's worth quite a few laughs, but, still, chagrined laughs. Li'l Nate is destined to not only be greatly disappointed in America when Santorum metaphorically gets curbstomped, but he's also going to go through life so blitheringly confused that even fellow evangelicals are going to be saying behind his back, "that boy just ain't right in the haid."

That said, he's got all the prerequisites to be a Republican Congressman from Tennessee.

Congressman, Montag? How about Presidential Nominee, circa 2028?

Notice how he almost slipped up and said, "we need a white President" ? Almost said it.

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