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April 19, 2012


One finally runs out of colorful, descriptive nouns and adjectives, and begins wondering why her children have not, en masse, strangled her yet.

Michelle seems to have about as much of a grasp on the Joel Chandler Harris fable as she does about which John Wayne was from where....

Or perhaps as much about the tar baby story as the Grifter knows about Paul Revere's ride.....

Can't understand why the Queen of the Bat Shit Crazies needs to re-establish her bona fides. We haven't forgotten her, much as we may try.

Those photos: Is Michele the one on the right?

"... Is Michele the one on the right?"

I think it's a "separated at birth" thing.

Forget the tar, what I'm stuck on (!) is the idea of "waving a baby in the air."

How does one do that? Perhaps you clutch the wriggling, stubby arms and heft the bundle of joy up and down over your head? This seems a doubtful exercise, especially because the diaper is likely to fail from a sudden increase in mass.

Maybe you grab the pudgy little ankles and whip the little screamer back and forth like you're trying to signal the Good Ship Lollipop. Wouldn't the baby just flop about like an articulated rubber chicken?

Is this, in fact, what happened to Michele Bachmann as an infant? Waved Baby Syndrome? There ought to be a telethon or something.

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