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April 24, 2012


I'll take 'Auntie Mame' for $100 dollars Alex..stepped on the ball?

"How did the Aryan fron Darien end her story?"

Clueless. Without a clue. Just like Bush when he chortled about how great it was that a single mom had to have two jobs just to get by, because she was able to find two jobs! She's a hard worker!

Kee- rist.

No Bishops.

Ann Romney makes Meg Whitman look like Emma Goldman....

Only the little people work and pay taxes.

"Well, it was ghaaastly! It was simply ghaaastly!"

Looks like Ann's personal assistant isn't on the campaign trail because Ann's suit is all wrinkly. What or what to do when you can't get good help to steam your clothes???? Guess Ann has never had to use a hotel room iron and ironing board.

I'm sure she's probably told her domestics more than once that she is proud of how they have to leave the kids to fend for themselves at home so they can be there to pour wine at her dinner parties.

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