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April 13, 2012


Newticles is not selling his donor list, he is renting it out. This is about the same as the difference between him selling his wife or renting her out.

To all Republicans/Conservatives who think they have the wimminsfolks bamboozled, a little Grateful Dead.

Let us put men and women together
See which one is smarter
Some say men, but I say no
Women run the men like a puppet show

It ain't me
It's the people that say
Men are leading the women astray
But I say, it's the women today
Smarter than the man in every way.

I wish you jerks the best of luck. Keep it up. You got em on the run. Hahahahahaha.

Frances the Cockatoo, would you give me permission to use your posting on another comment board?

I'd like to abort Arizona...give it back to the Mexicans...if they would even want it back, what with all the right-wing pinheads there now....

i would be happy if we audited 1/2 the ,001%.

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