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July 24, 2012


"Republicans will need to grow an extra arm so they will be able to cling to their god, their guns, and their salty chicken sandwiches."

Maybe two extra arms... you forgot 'while jerking off to Ronald Reagan videos.'

I've posted the banned image to FB.

Love the bovine Fred Phelps art!

Jon Stewart had a wonderful picture last night - the CFA cow holding a sign: EAT MOR COC

eat more cok better. tho kok makes more lol.

The "God Hates Fags" cow looks pissed.

Man, that notice they posted in the restaurant really set me on fire. So-called Christian values now include bald-faced lies? I never eat there anyway, but this pisses me off.

A Chicago Alderman is blocking a zoning change so Chick-fil-A can't build a store in his Yuppified ward.


The Mayor backs him, so it looks like CFA won't be meeting their Chicago expansion target any time soon.

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