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September 05, 2012


i see this shit being GOOD SNL fodder.

I didn't realize ski lifts counted as mountain climbs

Actually you can bag 2 14ers in a single day if you start early and end late. The thing to know is that some of them you can "bag" by climbing only about 2,800 feet. Some of them have a trailhead that is as high as 11,000+ feet.

Just remember two things:
1. facts have a liberal bias, and
2. the Romney/Ryan campaign doesn't care about fact-checking

Woo hoo, Watertiger! Twolf1!! Perfect!
This guy is gonna be so sorry he accepted the veep nomination. He coulda coasted for years, now he is being revealed as a giant phony.

Hey, I've climbed close to 40 "Fourteeners," too. Only 40 to go.....

Okay, fine, he's now a bugfuck insane mountain climber.

Do we need a bugfuck insane mountain climber in Cheney's secret location?

Is being bugfuck insane and a mountain climber in any way at all preferred requisites for high office? Is simply doing something that most people don't do enough to say this guy's worth being "a heartbeat away," as the cliche goes? If it were, Jeffrey Dahmer would be have made a great VP, too. (And think of the fun the pundits would have had with his campaign!)

No, I'm afraid that this penchant of the press to glorify jockery as qualification for office is getting out of hand. At least Charlie Pierce understands how it works (which is why he says that Heath Shuler is one of the few people he knows who excelled, in two entirely different careers, at throwing the ball to the wrong team).

Most ice fishermen stick with telling whoppers only about one sport. Says Ice Fisherman #1: "The last fish I caught was so big, we had to cut a larger hole in the ice to get it out." Replies Ice Fisherman #2, aka Ryan: "That happened to me once too, but the new hole we had to cut was so big we had to lift the ice house over my head, then slide it away from the first hole, put it back down, and THEN cut a new hole as big as the floor of the house."

Clearly Ryan has transferred his fish tale skills to running, mountain climbing, and politics as well.

And this is the guy the GOP proclaims as their intellectual leader in the House.

The last fish Paul Ryan caught was so big, he had to fight it while they brought in bulldozers to widen the lake!

(re-post from farther up)

It's not that hard to climb many Colorado 14-ers. Thanks to CO's extensive system of old mining roads, you can practically drive up to many of them (unlike in the Sierra). 4-WD is helpful, but I made it up many of those roads in a Datsun station Wagon (I'm a good driver - not everyone could have done that :-). Hitching the last bits from other hikers that do have 4-WD is also easy.

I did about 7 of them one summer ('88 or '89). I was only an average hiker, and my main occupation was conducting a job/university search - these were just short, diversionary excursions. All but one were day-hikes. I stayed over one night going to Wetterhorn (my favorite) just to make it easy.

There are hard ones (I'm sure the ZEGS avoided those), but not many. (Why climb the Maroon Bells when Conundrum peak gives a better view of them and is just a day-hike from Aspen?) (However, go in good weather. My wool hat and camera started making AM radio noises; I figured either the Martians were landing or I was standing on top of a mountain in a strong electric field! - I skedaddled down without taking time to close my pack.) (BTW, at least back then, Aspen was the friendliest rich-town to a vagabond camper I ever found.)

There's a cool little booklet you can get anywhere in CO that explains how to get to and climb all 54. Great fun if you've got a summer and a car.

I recommend Uncompaghre, Wetterhorn, La Plata and Conundrum peak for starters.

Being someone who's never been able to climb even a corporate ladder, what is a 14-er????

A '14-er is a mountain peak 14,000-14,999 ft. in height. Those are the highest mountains in the lower 48.

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