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September 08, 2012


Be sure to bury all of them really deep in your backyard and make sure there are no ientifying marks where you did it, so the black helicopter crews won't be able to find them.

Romney must be even more desperate than I thought.

There is something seriously wrong with Romney.

On the obverse it might read:
'E Pluribus Bain'

will god be changed to mammon under mitt?

After all, Jesus threw all the dirty fucking hippies out of the temple. Right?

Pretty funny coming from a guy who shortchanged his god on his membership dues.

Reagan had Alzheimers, Mitt has dementia.

Today's flip flop is the statement that he'll keep the good parts of Obamacare. You know, the ones that have been costing him votes for saying he would repeal them.

This made me flash to Get Your War On in 2008, one of the best of the best.


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