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September 23, 2012


Billo: But I still think that I'm doing something noble.

When did they change the spelling of noble to "lucrative"?

Anyone notice that while O'Reilly claims his show isn't a news show that little FOX NEWS icon is displayed in the lower left corner?

MSNBC is exactly like FOX NEWS, only the opposite view point, but completely 100% the same in ridiculousness, lies, propaganda and 1 sided opinionated political pandering designed to be presented as "news".

why is one network "bad for America", but MSNBC, ABC, CNN, CURRENTTV etc. exempt?

Matt, you clearly didn't actually watch the clip. That isn't what Koppel said at all.

Sorry... this site lists comments weirdly... my post was directed towards Mike

All the major news corporations are bad for America but FOX is the worst of the lot.

Mike and Matt, first and foremost, no one considers MSNBC as their ONLY source of News. While indeed it was created as a foil to the Conservative Fox News, it has never been embraced as a single voice, in the kool-aid drinking fashion of Fox.

While Fox says "Listen to ONLY us, trust not any other Media" (Ailes learned a lot working for Nixon and studying Stalin, who preached that the first rule of controlling them is to marginalize the media), MSNBC says listen to everyone, but don't trust the positional intent of Fox.

Again, Ailes is a smart guy. And he understands that to keep the people drinking your Kool-aid, you have to turn the Main Stream Media into a villain. That way you can create your own reality, based on no facts, and the minions will eat it up.

You may think that is beneficial, but the rest of us find that to be scary and destructive.

"MSNBC is exactly like FOX NEWS, only the opposite view point, but completely 100% the same in ridiculousness" is a classic false equivalency.

There is a big difference between being bias, and lying. Both (most, all?) news outlets are biased in one way or another -- especially if the way a certain story is covered doesn't happen to fit in with your particular viewpoint.

MSNBC and Fox are both biased, to what degree is arguable. However, in Fox News' case, along with being a completely biased organization, it also engages in lying (often contextual lies or lies of omission) and misrepresentation on a daily basis. Whatever it takes to spin a story to favor the GOP.

Mark Benton is so right. When my daughter was married to her first husband, I'd be forced to watch FoxNews when I was at their house. At the time, I didn't even know that it was totally in the tank for the GOP. What I did notice was that if there was a story unfavorable to W that was the lead story on the networks, Fox either didn't report on it at all, or way down the line of stories and in no depth. This was before MSNBC was even a blip on the airwaves. This was even before I read this anywhere. They distort the news and keep Grandpa and Grandma so misinformed that they are as happy as clams. If that's the way a couple of the commenters on here roll, jolly good for them.

O'Reilly makes the (paraphrased) statement that Fox News could not have been and remain so successful if the product were of poor quality or dishonest. It is an INCREDIBLY duplicitous argument, and he is well aware of the fact. McDonald's and Coca-Cola are 2 of the biggest brands on the planet, but very few educated people would claim that the products are therefore the "best" -- they are the most enjoyable (arguably) or the most self-indulgent. Such is Fox News -- it tells its viewers who to blame, using false or manipulatively dishonest analysis (if any) in a way that most of the MSM does not. People who are disaffected because the processes of policy and governance are inaccessible, conducted in secret, exploitive and manipulative, or simply too complex to digest with the limited attention and time (not to mention intellectual capacity) most of us have are quite pleased to be told who is to blame. It is vastly more difficult to PARTICIPATE in the process, in a meaningful way, that to simply be a spectator. To quote Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own": "it's supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it."

He wasn't saying that Fox news was bad for America, he was saying that ALL Politically motivated news was bad for America, be it on the left, be it on the right. Don't just read the title and make a comment without watching the video.

When someone says "MSNBC is exactly like FOX NEWS" I have two choices in how I respond: if they seem like an otherwise informed, intelligent person I have to assume they are being disingenuous trying to yank my chain; or they are an idiot and any further conversation is pointless.

The fact that "Kurt" goes on to say that both are "...completely 100% the same in ridiculousness, lies, propaganda..." pretty much confirms he is the latter. Whereas Fox critics can point to hundreds of documented cases of misleading or outright fabrications put on the air by Ailes' creation, Fox watchers who make this claim about MSNBC only spout the "they're the same!" line without examples. In fact, about the only cases of MSNBC putting misinformation on the air I can think of are THE ONES THEY MAKE CORRECTIONS FOR THEMSELVES. Has Fox EVER made a correction?

In the end, the simple fact is MSNBC does not make any bones about the fact that their OPINION talk shows are left-leaning. They do not pretend that everything that goes out under their moniker is bias-free. That is not the case with Fox.

If you cannot grasp that distinction, I can't help you and wish you'd stay out of debates apparently over your head.

I used to watch fox news religiously and was defiantly drinking the koolaid... my mom pleaded with me to stop watching it. It was on, just like everybody else to watch is Fox News, 247. So 1 day I decided turn off for a week or 2 . When I turn it back on now looking to see if there were truly inaccuracies who is painfully clear that was close to brain Washington you can get , without having custody of the viewer. I'm also in the military they play fox News in every chow hall across the world and it split 5050 either you realize how fox News is are these young military members repeat the talking points line for line. That technically is brainwashing. It is 1 of the saddest things I've witness in the military. Those poor kids don't even understand why they believe that they just repeat it and normally the points are against their best interest

Billo: But I still think that I'm doing something noble.

Bill, Bill, Bill I just looked noble up in the dictionary, and if being a lying testicle cozy for the plutocracy and every fuckass insane winger out there is being noble than yes, I guess you are. One more thing psychologically sexually assaulting your producer and settling out of court for millions is pretty fucking noble to.

Your Headline is a flat biased LIE.

CB, since you are calling me a liar, you better make your case. And you will probably need some of that extra strength koolaid to do so.

I'll help you out a bit, in a simplified paraphrased fashion, since it isn't a bumper sticker talking point spoon-fed to you like you seem to be used to.

Ted: Everyone knows which side the Fox staff is on.

Bill: That is an unfair thing to say about our reporters.

Ted: What do you think I have said about Fox News?

Bill: You think we corrupted the sanctity of fair news coverage.

--now here's the hard part. They are still talking about Fox News.--

Ted: Yes, ideological coverage of the news, from the left or the right (in this case the right,) is bad for America.

Did you get that? Ted said that everyone knows that Fox News leans way to the right (that's their ideological belief) and that news orgs that have such a bias, or ideological belief (be it right or left, but in this case right) are bad for America. Therefor, Fox News is bad for America.

I will say this, Koppel's voice is 100% more appealing than Bill's. Here's the bottom line, its television, of course they swing one way or the other, being partisan makes money. To be honest, I don't watch much news anymore, instead I have resorted to scouring the internet and comparing stories from different sources to each other an trying to come up with something close the the truth.

all 24/7 'news channels suck. fux gnews just sucks more.

Pretty damned funny for a guy who made his reputation hammering Carter every night for a year and a half, and yet didn't seem at all interested in investigating the Reagan campaign's subversion of the hostage negotiations for political gain.

Nor were Koppel or ABC exactly on the cutting edge of cracking open Iran-Contra.

Nor were they dedicated to exposing the Bush administration's utter bullshit. They, like every other network, were just delighted to accommodate the Pentagon in every way, including ignoring the fact that their "military experts" were propaganda shills for the Pentagon with pecuniary conflicts of interest.

So, fine, O'Really ends up in the eighth circle of hell, while Koppel gets a reserved seat in the fourth. They're both hacks, and they've both done damage to the national discourse, each in his own inimitable way.

Scott Pelley tried to trip Mitt Romney on 60 Minutes and failed. I wonder how Steve Croft treated Obama? It is too bad that the press is not objective.

You just showed yourself lying again twolf1.

Ted Koppel did not say what you typed, YOU DID.

Ted said, "Ideological coverage of the news, be it of the right or be it of the left, has created a political reality in this country which is bad for America."

You, when you quoted him, LIED and inserted your own (horseapples).

Now you are trying to act like your lie isnt a lie, but it is, as the video clearly shows.

Anyone can watch your video and see direct proof that what YOU TYPED is not the same thing as what Koppel stated.

by the way, Mike and J also noted your falsehood, as did blah.

CB - I think you should go back and reread some of the comments you refer to. But first, learn what this word means: paraphrase

Looks like YOU need to learn what biased LIE means, and understand when it describes your actions to a tee.

You did not "paraphrase", twolf, you altered the nature of Ted's comments to act like he was talking about one network, when his comments SPECIFICALLY included "be it of the right or be it of the left" . . .

You do not get to alter someone's statements, and then stick THEIR name on YOUR altered version.

To do so, is to tell a lie.

Don't bother trying to defend your lie, just learn from getting caught.

MSNBC is exactly like FOX NEWS...
Especially when Joe Scarborough is on.

. . . .aaaaaaand >Crickets<

CB, I've made my points. Not only did you prove me correct in your own comments, you demonstrated your lack of reading comprehension.

You are wrong. Deal with it.

Have a nice day.

Laughable twolf, Laughable.

Your headline was a lie, and I flat proved it so, right to your face.

You did not "paraphrase", you lied, and then stuck TED's name on YOUR lie.

I did not "prove you correct", I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a liar.

TED did not say YOUR ALTERED HEADLINE, and anyone can watch the video you posted to see you proven a liar.

Democrats LIE, and then they refuse to ADMIT they lied when they are caught.

No Honor, No Credibility, because the party of Robin Hood, are thieves.

MSNBC never claimed to be a news station they are a station that talks politics, they are liberal based and don't hide that fact, FOX on the other claims to be a hard news station fair and unbiased, which we all know is bull.

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