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September 24, 2012


The comment about emergency room care would probably fly if he was running for alderman. But GOVERNOR Romney helped establish a health care program in Massachusetts that studied this problem as part of universal health care. He knows that ER treatment is the least efficient and most costly way to handle illness. That's why there is a penalty for not having health insurance...to encourage people to use doctors and facilities in less costly ways. And you can't get an emergency mammogram or colonoscopy, so I am supposing that he and the entire GOP see no need to preventive care for all.

Yes, he really is that stupid.

"We give

No, Mitt, we don't give the heart attack sufferer anything but an opportunity to spend the rest of their days paying that hospital bill, which will be difficult because once the hospital releases you from the "emergency" you're on your own.

How do I spell "moron"? M-I-T-T-R-O-M-N-E-Y.

Another thing about the emergency room is that having non-emergencies use it increases the wait for everyone else. Waits here are often 6 hours or more. Sure, if you have something critical, you get care quicker, but you can have something very unpleasant but less critical and have to wait all night.

they should tack on an extra FICA tax on investments like mitt's.

"And you can't get an emergency mammogram or colonoscopy..." And that's how they'll reduce that 47%.

If corporations are people my friend, then capital gains should be taxed as gifts from one person to another at the current rate of 35%

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