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October 10, 2012


Wow, she gives the appearance of natural ease and comfort that you usually only get from a cat in a swimming pool.

Thought bubble: "Hurry the fuck and take the goddamn motherfucking photo so Consuelo can get back to her duties!"

zomg - this is actually in the paper:
"They're burning," she muttered through clenched teeth to an unseen minion, seconds later, not realizing she was on camera. "You can turn the griddle down."

I was figuring you added that for the laugh.

Lordy! I try not to be too hard (publicly) on First Ladies because they have to take the job - but please, protect us from this nasty.

She makes Barbara Bush seem all warm and cuddly.

I've been cooking for over 60 yrs, and no, that's not the way to handle a spatula. : ) Oh, that was a rhetorical question?

Nice advertisement for her know-nothing husband, though. Free publicity. He's going to need it.

My problem with the caption: No way in hell she knows that's a spatula. "Flat thingie" would be more realistic.

Why didn't she make AMERICAN cakes? Why does she hate America?

I thought she was not to be political at all, what is with the political shirt?? Doesn't think she has to abide by rules? ENTITLED?

Does Michelle Obama get to host a segment? Or is that only for Kolob candidates?

the meedia is pro rmoney. duh.

She even has a sneer on her face when she smiles.

What the hell is a Welch cake?

PLEASE tell me that bint is not of Welsh ancestry...I do NOT want to share ANY mitochondrial or other DNA w/that elitist drudge.

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