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October 23, 2012


i can't wait to savor anthrax's bitter tears.

I'd listen to Malkin on this one. She knows from stupid and shallow.

Heh. Malkkkin didn't say, but was thinking, "Coulter didn't need to say it, because we all know it's true."

As for the Biblical voting guide, what surprise is there in that? The Old Testament was originally written in testosterone and distilled bullshit.

Ayne Coulter should probably read this gentleman's letter.

He, unlike Coulter is not shallow or dumb...

On the Biblical voting reference: Yeah, men have done SUCH a great job of leading us to our current intractable dilemma.

Oh, and by the way - i LOVE IT when they start fighting among themselves!

If men are supposed to control everything, then women shouldn't get taxed--right?
Taxation without representation anybody?

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