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October 18, 2012


You'd think that with such money she could afford a stylist who'd tell her that scarf doesn't match her goddamn pink dress.

Ruck Fitt Momney.

When I think of Rmoney, I hear that line from the old Tim Hardin song, "Smugglin' Man."

I'm an old time smugglin' man and I know just what to do
I'm an old time smugglin' man and I know just what to do
I sell guns to the Arabs,
I sell dynamite to the Jews

Or, once in a while, this.

All that money and Queen Ann has to wear the curtains, so sad...

sorta makes you wish we didn't bail out the banks and endure a depression JUST TO SEE SUICIDES ON WALL STREET AND PAIN!

yeah right Mens Fitness:


Enjoy your remaining years while you still can. This election is meaningless.

Jesus, were you ever right about the blood pressure!

Sure.....this election is meaningless......you haven't been paying attention. Romney's austerity measures will throw us into a deep recession within 9 months of his election as the middle and lower classes get hammered by benefit and income cuts. The previous recession was the result of the largest deleveraging event in the history of capitalism and the resulting reduced demand. This deleveraging event is ongoing and a full recovery will not take place until it is completed. These planned austerity measures will crush demand and economic activity.

On a positive note, the recession will be so severe that the stock market and other financial institutions will fall off a cliff and take many of the 1 percenters with it. I already have a spreadsheet in place to tally the suicides.

To follow up on Shared Humanity's positive note: as an avowed follower of V.I. Lenin & a real Socialist (unlike the current president) my analysis of the U.S. election indicts that Romney becoming President would be the most favourable outcome for the prospects of world revolution.

IBGYBG! Rather faster than expected.

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