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October 17, 2012


The gif ended too soon...
Does she eat it?

The finger. Check out the finger, queek...

That must be the back of the head of the guy that said her Welsh cakes sucked.

She's signaling the number of planets she and Willard will have after they're dead.

Hmm. Didn't Queen Ann have a leading role in "Heathers?"

fuck her.

Dr Kettlebells says what is with the Republican names Trigg Tagg Tugg Tubb?
His other comments on queen Ann Her entitled sense of being is beyond words or description of gastrointestinal events. The only value in mittster winning will be four years of WT following this major Axis II biotch.

Keep it classy!

Whoa! looks like the guy in front of her (with back to camera) has a bad case of trichotillomania -- pulls out hair, causing a weird bald spot.

Is that finger signal for R Maddow or C Matthews?

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