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November 13, 2012


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His very own veal pen!

I'd say that's about right...

Karl's been feeding at the trough for quite some time now. Being put out to pasture would be too kind a fate for him.

I like his mullet. He's so fucking cool.

What better venue to spread his bullshit?

Well, you'd think the people of Kansas would hesitate to invite a known pig-fucker to a livestock association?

Well at least he's visiting the actual Bullshit Mountain.

I'll bet Karl's going there to shovel some shit. Let's see... $10/hour to make the math easy, comes to 300,000 hours to pay back Sheldon and the Kochs.

i can just picture him in front of vast herds of cattle mooing contentedly with their heads down as he yammers on and on . . .

Clearly, Rove's evil twin(? Yeah, I know, I know, some family, huh?), Ham Rove sabotaged Karl's op so Ham could take over once Karl was discredited and hopefully offed by fleeced and angry suckers, er, rich guys.

There's a kosher joke in there somewhere, but it's way too early and I haven't had enough coffee yet.

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