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November 29, 2012


It does have a leechy allure!

I hadn't noticed the loveleh ruffles, I was caught up in its polka dottery


A body condom cozy?

Love the '70s pimp clogs, too.

I'm thinking I could be a fashion designer, too. But, first, I need to find a woman that's six feet tall and weighs eighty-nine pounds, some trash bags, a roll of duct tape and a couple of concrete blocks.

What the well-dressed citizen of Whoville is wearing

The "Urchin" is part Holly Hobby and part ravenous sphincter: a new look in passive-aggressive restraint systems.

They REALLY do want women to disappear!

Leech? Yeah, it has that style, but to me this is pure Hookworm. Except for the socks and shoes lmao.

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