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November 09, 2012


So, it seems that young Tim Wildmon is just as fuckin' wacko as his daddy, Don. Gotta be some synaptic gene error in there somewhere.

And, it sounds as if Peter Morrison and Tim Wildmon ought to get a room. I can't help but laugh when I hear these morons from Texas screaming about secession. Add up all the federal dollars going into Texas and then just take them away, poof!, and see how many Texans like being on their own.

Hell, don't they know that they've still got a little oil left, so the U.S. would just invade and occupy them if they seceded?

because we wimmen are superficial. all of us.

I was afraid it might come to this.

As a white woman of a certain age, I do not give flipping fish for whomever George Clooney chooses to endorse for dog-catcher, grounds-keeper nor anything else.

If Texas goes away so will my Teabgger biological sister. I will rejoice (party at my house!!!)

Party at Susan's!



They could have paid to have dinner with Clint Eastwood .... from what I understand, he's always got an empty chair...

The scarier thought is that they still are trying to hide their sexism. This is just the overflow from the buffer.

Just leave the nukes with the pentagon, and good riddance, motherfuckers.

That goes for the rest of you highly-educated goobsticks on the red side of this chart (OMG, did you see this?!):


Y'all also fall waay on the net-takers side of federal revenue. Get outta my country: secede already, before we secede from you.

So, um, who exactly loves Ted Nugent or that Meatball guy? And why?

Women. They never give the nice guys a chance, specially those with the mandatory transvaginal probes.

This guy Gallagher remionds me of a younger Gert Frobe (from "Goldfinger"). Plus it's interesting that he flat out says the rethugs are going to continue to be obstreporous, whiny douchebags.

"Four more years" has its good points and its bad points.

Can we just deport them?

dk and Tengrain picked up on the two examples that occurred to me. (I had though about Chuck Norris as well.) I commented by way of a blog post with contrasting images:


My question was, "Gosh if both parties used the same strategy, then I wonder why the Democrats were so much more successful?

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