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November 14, 2012


Re: Key West... So, godbye already. Don't let reality slap you in the ass on your way out.

and re: the video... Ummm, *57* states? Where in the name of sweet baby jeebus do you come up with 57?!? You think this is Heinz (as in John Kerry's wife)?!? And, really if Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas all want to go, fergodssake, LET THEM! Aside from BB King's restaurant in Memphis, there is NOTHING in any of those godforsaken places worth keeping.

Red States will have Deliverance, blue will have family trees with branches.

There isn't enough aspirin on earth for the headache I got watching that moran.

If there were mass Southern secession, no doubt that Fox would be right there offering itself as the Confederate States' official news service.

They'd have to make virtually no programming changes to do it, too.

Republican projection (accusing others of that which they do) on the "plunder the wealth" quote. i agree with Mr618 about the Key West person - "hey, don't forget to take your dumb ideas with you!"

The Key West guy- my nomination for this year's Darwin Award, given to the person who does the most for the human gene pool by removing his/her genes from said pool.

Mr618, the "57 states" is a reference to a tongue-slip by Obama during the 2008 campaign.

That being said, except for the massive pollution it would cause, I'd be all for the "experiment" these morons propose.

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