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November 26, 2012


If you never watch TV, how do you get all those fox news[sic] videos?
Just curious.

For the crazies, failure is just proof that you need to double down. By that standard, Sanctimonious Santorum may well be running for president until the day he dies.

I loves me some Petunia and Pals. It is what brought me here. And please, don't change their names. The Dumb One, and the Other Dumb One are perfect. Simple and uncomplicated, not unlike the idiots themselves.

I'm not sure, though, what bothers Petunia more: that they got stomped in the election that's still going on, according to her; or that people who aren't lobbyists would actually interact with their elected representatives.

Fuckin' Democracy. Git some, Bitchez!

OK, Angus, I'll stop watching -- just as soon as you give all the money back that you made doing the show. K?

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