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November 23, 2012


creepy - just creee - pee

Actually a nice picture, showing a less robotic Romney than in the campaign. Don't get me wrong, I thank all our stars that he is not headed to the White House, but I guess I hope that he does something useful and altruistic now.

My lord, if the fool and let this side of him show in the last six years he might have had a chance but...

Come, now, WT! Sheridan wrote a comedy titled She Stoops to Conquer. That's one thing. But Romney has already been conquered.

Yeah, second on the cabinets. I have the same ones in my laundry room. They are nice for that but a kitchen, yuck.
See how the one over the fridge doesn't close all the way? The installer fucked that up.

Willard's fur reminds me of a Bill Hicks line: "Have you noticed how people who don't believe in evolution look so unevolved?"

Watch the first debate if you want to see the real Mitt. That was him. He's a pushy loud asshole. Period. He doesnt like you. He doesnt like me. He feels nothing but animosity toward his fellow man, who he considers stupid. Not a complicated dude.

I make cabinets for a living and one thing I have discovered over the years is that money and taste often exist in an inverse ratio. One more thing. I often meet peeps who are so well off but don't seem to be too bright, I'll never figure out how in the hell they got so well off being so fucking stupid.

Those cabinets are probably made of rosewood but Anne had them painted white because white.

To me, the pic looks more like a grinin' Willard sayin' "I ain't going to jail, I'll snap her f**kin' neck". Seriously, looks a lot like the wife beaters I used to arrest.

Maybe that's how Willard grabbed the gay guy for the haircut.

Look for the crinkles between the eyes at the top of the nose -- if there are no lines formed by facial muscle contractions it's a fake smile. Real smiles push the eyebrows down and together a little.

antiseptic kitchen. maybe it is off their bedroom. i am sure their cook has something nicer.

doan wan

The helps day off? ..... Looks a lot like a location shot for "Upstairs/Downstairs".


Looks like a bad 50s sitcom which is pretty much what the Republican Party is!!!

Git some! Har Har!

I think Pansypoo has the right idea. This shot was staged in the servant's quarters, or maybe in the guest mansion. See how that drawer behind Queen Ann was left a little bit open? All the maids will get beatings instead of supper.

The body language is weird. Queen Anne is pulling away from Mittens. She's got that "get me the fuck out of here" expression on her face as well. Wonder if she voted for him.

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