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November 02, 2012


Was Mr. Crowley actually paid to dress up as a teddy bear and molest kid's trick or treat buckets? Anyone want to crack jokes about stealing candy from babies? Let's consider the pointy-headed source.

Had those kids actually earned the candy? Hadn't some of them been given more candy than others?

Anyhow, my takeaway is that he 1 percenters are cry babies.

Good point....the 1% ers.....act like children!

Worse than that. He told one kid not to honk a MONKEY's nose. He's dressed as an Obama=monkey. :roll eyes:

The "bear" identity probably came from some studio head who wants to salvage something from this clip without revealing how truly awful and misguided it is. Meanwhile, I'm wondering why there isn't a parent outside keeping an eye out for strangers tempting children into cars.

So the way I understand Stevie's analogy is that the one % ers are like children that didn't earn their wealth. It was give to them. Someone else did the labor and made them wealthy. .....Then they cry when they are told to share........ Rather pathetic learning moment.

halloween turns kids into assholes.

i never liked BEGGING for treats much. seems trick or treating is WAY MORE 1%. shake down people for goodies and cam its work.

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