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November 14, 2012


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That 'period of time', if you recall, Dickhead, was the whole fucking campaign - fuckup after fuckup after fuckup.

Oh, but then you werelying the whole fucking time too, weren't you. Nevermind...

Yes, because when asked by Gluehorse in open session, "Were you being blackmailed by the White House?" the former CIA Director is going to respond, "Yes, of course!" if that's the case. How do these people dress themselves?

So Dick Morris admits he was a FOX-paid cheerleader and morale booster for the Romney campaign. Good to know.

Reminds me of PeeWee Herman's comment after he fell off his bike: "I meant to do that!"

it appears the rite insists on making a bigger hole. + we dare to call THEM stupid.

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