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November 21, 2012


McCain is starting to remind me of certain people at my workplace who have managed to get our organization sued ... and they still haven't retired.

Anyway, I actually have wondered if there was a good national security reason why the information that Susan Rice was given to use in her speech was changed from the actual CIA assessment. Maybe they were afraid of burning a source by indicating what they knew and when they knew it? You know, if these questions were raised about something Bush & CO did, the administration would have been given the benefit of "they had their reasons" ... why isn't that same benefit being extended to Obama ...

Wait a minute ... did you just say "The President is NEAR"? I couldn't hear you with the bells ringing like they are ( / obligatory Blazing Saddles reference )

[Speaker Ompa-Loompa's] calling for Obamacare to be on the table as part of the Grand Bargain to screw us all during the Fiscal Cliff's shock doctrine negotiations

Lemme guess: the compromise will be that health-care reform will be kept (including the mandate) but the subsidies to help people actually buy health insurance will be gutted, because, well ... fiscal responsibility ... that's why! Anyway, the bare minimum of "moderate" Republicans will vote for the bill in the House and vote for cloture in the Senate, allowing the bill to pass "without significant bipartisan support" so come 2014 the Democrats will be blamed for giving Americans an unfunded mandate to purchase health insurance ... which is a tax because Roberts says so.

And people wonder why the GOP, being wholly reduced to a rump core of right-wing-whackos still manages to get so many votes? Maybe it has something to do with how feckless the Democrats are ...
of course the pseudo Aristotelean centrism and pseudo Platonic distrust of democracy of the "even the liberal media" doesn't help matters ...

Also, FOX: what's so great about a green car company, anyway, since global warming is a hoax?

So, Fox's go-to guy on GM is John Fund? That's a bit like bringing on PeeWee Herman to talk about Schwinn.

gerrymandering is not a kosher mandate.

McCain measure up to Grandpa, couldn't measure up to Daddy, couldn't even measure up to some black guy from Chicago. Commented by way of a cartoon.


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