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November 15, 2012


Gah! "Granite State" = New Hampshire.

Dude, New Hampshire is the Granite State. Maine is the Pine Tree State

Alabama also has phone calls for impeachment .....when one asks for name of organization reponsible for the calls....they hang up.

One of the first documents Obama signed as president in 2009 was the one-year-from-now closure of Gitmo, yet now that it's a complete dud, wingnuts want to impeach him for this wholly new fiction? Righties is weird.

Charlie Webster was, is, and shall perpetually remain, a slack-jawed, drooling idiot Teabagger. Of course, our illustrious teabaggin' governor, Fat-Ass Paul LePage (you know, the one who told Obama to "go to hell" and told the blacks to "kiss [his] ass" on MLK Day) is only going to pick equally dain-bramaged morans to do his bidding.

Fat-Ass Paul LePage's spokesdrone (I think) -- a cretin named Dan Demerritt (as in "One demerit for being an idiot") -- got forced out of his job after it was revelaed he was a slumlord. After a fatal fire at one of his dumps.

Thank God we elected Angus King as Senator. We have started on the road to recovering our sanity here.

Wait a minute: New Hampshire exists?

Next you'll be telling me that there is a Vermont.



any idea when they will calm down to just a butter stew?

Pepperridge Farm was started in Fairfield, Connecticut on Pepperridge Farm, by the lady who lived there, Margaret Rudkin. She baked the bread in her own kitchen at first. The company is now located in Norwalk, Connecticut. It's never been a Maine entity.

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