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November 08, 2012


Re Sheldon Adelson: well, he should be HAPPY. After all, isn't maximizing profit what free-market capitalism's all about (just a shame he ain't the one maximizing)? Also, risk and "creative destruction"...

Umm, "F-team," or "F Troop?"

I noticed on the "transition team" website that the finances of applicants will be thoroughly scrutinized for conflicts of interest or political embarrassments. He-he-he. Romney never did release even 1 year's COMPLETE tax return showing his foreign holdings. Nor did he release a complete and truthful medical examination.

Since he never expected to lose, his mental health is going to take another blow once reality sinks in. IF it does.

Montag -

I hedged my bets. F-Troop was the first draft and then I thought that show might be so out of the Zeitgeist that I should riff off of The A-Team, but for failures.



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