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November 07, 2012


Here's more of V. Jackson.

Let me just say: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Left in the lurch by god. Bummer. Whoda thought?

Now they know what it felt like when Bush Jr. was GIVEN the presidency, TWICE!

i'm not happy either, though, since my 3rd party candidate (you know, the one with a functioning BRAIN) lost too. Looks like four more years for the assassinator in chief. Next new movie out should be "Drone Spotting."

fuck nit picking. publicans would have just invaded yemen, oh wait, not yemen, they seem to want to make war w/ em all.......BANGLADESH!

Hate takes years off your life and as bad as this may sound; here's hoping all these jerks from FOX get at least a decade taken from their spiteful lives.

I will no ill will on anyone but these FOX Baggers have got to go for this country to move forward.

That was supposed to be " wiSH" no ill will, can't even type today.


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