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November 20, 2012


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Don't worry, all our problems will disappear as the collapse takes hold via climate change impacts, natural calamities (like earthquakes), fiscal unravelling, political and social unrest and scarce resources (like food and potable water) within the coming 10 - 20 years (tops; personally, i don't think we even have that long - i'm on the "this coming year to 5 years out" range for total chaos to happen to civilization).

They own the jail.

Their employees in the White House and at the Department of Justice want to keep their jobs. That's why they're not in jail.

Why, aren't these people in jail? Well, 'cause we've got the best government money can by. And guess who put up the cash....

Where is the pushback from our 'liberal' electeds in DC? There's very simple answers to all of this Social Security fearmongering:
1. Raise the cap; tax all of Lloyd's income
2. Lower the retirement age to 60 until the jobs emergency is over
3. Increase benefits by 20% per year over the next five years
4. Medicare for all

Umm, shouldn't that be Lord Blankfein?

Social Security is NOT a dogdamned "entitlement"! Personally, I've been paying into SS for more than 45 fucking years. Damn, I hate these people and the media they came in on.

Why, aren't these people in jail? Well, 'cause we've got the best government money can by. And guess who put up the cash....

No, margaret, SS IS an entitlement, in the BEST sense of the word: we earned it, we're ENTITLED to it, it's fucking OURS.

Let's not let the right-wing propaganda machine do to "entitlement" what they did to "liberal" !

I love the carbon-copy comments (from different names, of course) that have started cropping up here. I know we all thend to agree (otherwise we wouldn't be here) but c'mon, we can do better than copy-n-paste someone else's comment.

The children of people who would create a world with 75-year-olds who can't afford their meds driving school buses don't go to public school, so it's not really a problem, is it?

voodoo crapitalist pigs.

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