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November 15, 2012


He's just cranky because we rejected the gifts he was offering, like lower taxes for the extremely well-off, and the Keystone pipeline, and all those lucrative defense contracts.

So the gifts he was going to give his cronies weren't gifts at all, but their DUE as The Anointed Ones?

Mitt, check out that mote in your OWN eye, dickhead.

Mitty the Moocher - the new Cab Callous-way

loyal Democratic constituencies, including young voters, African-Americans and Hispanics.

Otherwise known as Americans.

I thought of this immediately upon hearing Romney's statement: can we please get a Wt or TWolf photoshop of "young, college age women" carrying giant rubbers, IUDs and birth-control-pill cases? Just to memorialize how "big" Obama's gift of contraceptives was to them? I'm thinking maybe sitting around a college lawn, or perhaps in a TGIFs?

He has been treated like a prince since the minute he was born. He will never change. Thank god he is so princified that he let us see his royalness.

Only one thing. I think Anne should have a crown on.

time to think RETIRED.

Shorter Romney: "Silly poors...gifts are for rich people."

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