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November 09, 2012


I guess the FBI will let her slide...

You are the man, man.

Here is my take on his "Rules for Living" which was an article in the Daily Beast written by Paula Broadwell

Posted under current affairs! Ha!

Umm, Spocko snuck in a funny.

There are no bragging rights attached to a 101mm cock....

But, still, it's a hoot that TMCP, now the country's spook-in-chief, gets rolled by a military groupie.

Petraeus was a hands-on commander who pushed hard for early withdrawal. He will be sorely missed.

Just want to say that I happened to see a news article on the General, happened to think I should find more pictures of Broadwell and then I saw this.

And I laughed, I laughed lots :D

Paula must phone Arny Freytag the head photographer at Playboy for a pictorial shoot titled, "Fit At 40, Even You Can Look Like Paula. Join The Army!!!!" Playboy always pays a million dollars, so why not Paula before the firmness turns to soggyness? Remember Paula, this offer is for a limited time only

Dishonorable discharge.

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